Hi Everyone:

I'm replacing a 26 year old Heil furnace and learning a lot by reading the posts here. I wonder if you could provide some advice? I've got two bids so far on a new furnace. It heats a 1,400 square ranch in Buffalo, NY.

*Trane XR 80 (TUD080C936K, 63k BTU unit for $1,565).

*Heil DLX 80 series (75k BTU unit for $1,775).

The pricing is not that far apart, so I'm not asking about that. But what do you think about those two models?

Also, two related question.

(1) I've got a 20 year old air conditioner connected to the furnace. I very rarely use the air conditioner, though it does work. Since the installers will have easy access to the indoor coil once the old furnace is out, one salesmen suggested I change it now (for $168).

(2) I have a brick chimney running up the center of the house, which the water heater and furnace share, Do I need a liner? The Trane salesman said no. The other guy suggested it, but then said maybe I don't need it because its center location might be kept warm enough.

Thanks for your time.