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    Was ?

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    Hey, a guys gotta work.

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    Thumbs down TORCHED !!!

    Fat Eddy.
    Your justification for you behavior
    is piss poor.It is not for you to
    say he's dead Or would of used it
    himself if he wasn't dead.But I
    got to give it to you for the
    grandaddy of them all.Yes thats
    right kids.Right here on are
    very own and favorite hvac web
    site.drum roll please.......
    IT would have ended up at a garage
    sale after she kicks the bucket
    anyways!!! Hell why go get the
    painter tarps from the truck?
    You coulda just thrown her down
    to keep the floors clean. She's
    going to be dead in no time at
    all.And her kids would love you
    to. Just think of it.One less
    little old lady dress they
    would have to get rid of at
    that garage sale! What yu guna
    get for it anyways 50 cents?
    Probaly give you a tip for the
    really solid forward thinking.

    What really gripe me is that you
    thought about it.Saving her all
    that guilt what a HERO.
    yOUR A poster CHILD for how
    to be a hack. SLACKER BOY:-{

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