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    Now stop for a min. --- how would you want someone to treat your mom?

    Somewhere back in preschool... did'nt someone mention -"if it's not yours - don't touch"

    If you have to think about this for more than a second, you're missing a chromosome.

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    I like the idea of the life insurance policy comming into play and hooking up with the old bag and retiring.

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    Your not going to steal it, Just solder your fittings and put it back

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    Unhappy Torch

    Look.the way this thread was started
    It seemed to ask about some of the
    pressures(time constraints) and
    the gray areas about what is "OK"
    and what is not in as how we
    conduct are self in a customers
    home. First I have to say hooking
    up with the old gal sounded like
    a good idea.But the reality of
    the point asked is the point!
    Any anwser other than asking
    the old girl is wrong. Yes it
    will cross are minds we are human
    and who wants the helper whinning
    about it for days on end. But
    If you get busted for what to
    us is a stupid little thing.
    (jesus the guys dead)There
    would be no end to it for
    the company you work for.
    What ever ended up happening
    would make a little driveing
    and buying your own bottle
    of gas look pathiticly cheap.
    I personaly would fire a guy
    for it on the spot no questions
    asked.If you want to know why
    just start reading the other
    thread about what ho's look
    for in a contractor.
    Hope ther is lots of peaple
    out ther that would use the
    dead guys gas.Leaves a lot
    more work for me.
    Good day

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    Don't ever get caught that short of gas is the real answer.

    I mean, I carry two B tanks, and three MCs and three R o2's. If I'm going somewhere that I know I'll be soldering, I'll bring the #2 Acetylene tank and use that.

    Things happen, but this lady makes it clear that that workshop is a shrine.

    I wouldn't even ask.

    I know how my grandmother feels about my grandfathers' office.

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    you have to ask in this situation. You cant just take it

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    Leave water heaters to the plumbers and you will not have this problem.

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    Me...I always carry extra gas so I don't run out.

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    Heaterman, Thats exactly what I thought and did.

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    Originally posted by docholiday
    Leave water heaters to the plumbers and you will not have this problem.
    Exactly, Fast Eddy's profile says he's a pipefitter. Thats a plumber, right?

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    I wasn't a fitter at that time, fitters don't cover residential work yet!! in my area.

    PS all work is fitter work

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    I would explain the situation to her, and then ask if it was alright and see if she would get it so I wasn,t touching his area. If no, get back in the truck and go buy it.

    [Edited by 1manshow on 02-20-2005 at 10:09 PM]
    Those who can do, do and those who can't pay.

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    Slip her a "mickey" and use it anyway.(Ha Ha)

    Seriously, I would ask to use the torch and offer to buy her a replacement if all of it was used. Can always swing by there a day or two after that to drop off the tank or just to see if everything was ok with the install, etc. Lonely seniors like that sort of thing.

    The short time I was doing residential (8 months out of 14 years commercial/industrial), my shop had received compliments on my behalf and I had made some tips ($$) also.

    This also enhances the work load for the business because old people usually knows alot of other old people who need their a/c & heat fixed and one of the things that they like is someone who is proficient in their craft and who cares about the service they get.

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