Ok here is the situation,
You are in the basement of a customer’s house getting ready to start a new install. When down the steps comes the homeowner she is an elderly lady who has recently lost her husband. She starts talking about her late husband and how he loved doing all the maintenance and repairs around the house, it was his passion .She continues to say how well he took care of the furnace and now that he is gone she won’t have anyone to fix it and that is why she is replacing all the major appliances in the home. She points to his tools and workbench and says these were his tools they are just the way he left them I would be remorse if they were upset.

Ok now its 4:00 pm and the install is complete except for soldering up the new water heater, couple joints no big deal, one guy cleans up the other finishes up. As you are soldering you run out of propane\acetylene which ever you prefer. You start remembering that you might not have anymore on the truck. So you go look and sure enough you don’t. As you are on your way back in you happen to notice that there is a bernzomatic case on the workbench, must be one of his hobbies, just need a little. You then tell your partner of the circumstance he is getting worried because he needs to be home at a decent hour and it’s your truck. The shop or supply house is 20+ miles traffic both ways.
You are looking 8:00 pm right in the face. Then you see your partner staring at the bernzo case and you start looking at it also. What do you do?

1. Use it and put it back because she will never know anyway.
2. Drive to wherever you have to, to get some then finish real late.
3. Tell her that you will need to come back tomorrow (have to tell your boss this too)
4. Use it and place your can in his case, and keep his full one.
5. Look at your partner (the one who needs to get home on time) and say I’m going to the truck for a while and if this water heater is running when I come back in I won’t ask how it happened.
6. Call the shop and have the owner drive you some out making him late for whatever he was doing.

Feel free to write in any answer that would be true.