Well Well Well :Looks as if this individual wrote the book on 410a, before you critisize anyone you damn well better find out what there qualifications are. 1st I have been in the trade since 1983 and have dealt with all sorts of refrigerants from R12-R500,502 and more common ref. ie;22and 410a,I am epa cirtified for R410a, and yes I do know about manufacture specifications for temp glide being minimal, but it is still a blend period. I tell you what keep topping off units ok go ahead, like with anything else there is a right way and a wrong way to do things and when I was going through the class we debated that for over an hr and I have to say the procter says if in doubt follow mfg recomendations, but that we did make some good arguments and that we all feel that it is in the best intrest of the customer if a leak is found, to locate the leak repaire the leak then weigh in the charge after a good vacuum and a fresh drieris added.If you would like my qualifications I will be happy to post them up here for you.