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    Hi everyone...I have a 26 year old 3.5 Ton Whirlpool unit and i'm interested in replacing it with a more efficient unit.I just had a new 4 Ton Ruud Air Handler installed in December and was leaning toward a Ruud 14 SEER condenser unit..I was also looking at Amana,Trane/American Standard..My inside unit is model#UBHC21J18SHG What kind of quality are the Ruud 14 SEER? Matt

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    Matching equipment is always the best way to go. You can though mix equipment, and when installed right will work just fine. The main thing to remember is that the outside unit cannot be larger than the inside unit, meaning you cant use a 4 ton condensor on a 3 ton air handler.

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    why didn't you just put in an entire system to begin with would have cost you less in the long run but if you choose that specific unit for outside make sure it is a match for inside. AND THAT YOU HAVE IT DONE BY PRO. NOT A FLY BY

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    new A/C

    I planned on replacing everything at one time this spring,but my plans changed this winter when my inside unit gave up on me before I had the funds to replace everything..
    I am reading up on different brands of units for quality,price,warrenty,etc..I was wondering what kind of quality a Ruud Achiever 14 SEER was..I have a Ruud on the other side of the house which is 15 years old and never had a lick of problems with it,I was wonder how much they have changed in 15 years..Its a 2 ton Achiever 9,time for a change also..Matt

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    Ac units and furnaces have gone the course of every other appliance they are throw away appliances first major repair needed may as well throw it away and buy new.

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    That's the trouble with doing it piece by piece. You won't get 14 SEER with standard air handler. Best bet is UAMC 12 SEER. Copeland scroll with 10 year warranty, high & low pressure switches...

    Of course here come the Tranewashed telling you to throw out the new unit and put in a 19 SEER

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    new A/C

    In a Ruud Air Handler,what is the difference between a standard,high effiency and a ultra effiency unit?I have a
    4 ton Ruud model #UBHC21J18SHG what makes one more efficient that the other or the SEER level change?When I had this installed,the old unit was 26 years old and burning fuses because the elements where shorting out and didn't
    pay to repair it..Matt

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