I have recently become very interested in the HVAC Field, and I am currently in the process of researching schools that I might attend. Unfortunately, there are no schools offering HVAC close enough to my residence, so I am forced to turn to a distance program.

Now my question to you wise gentlemen (and the rare ladies) of this forum is, will I even be respected in the field if I did take a distance course? Will it be a hardship to find a job with a distance program on my resume (and no experience other then my schooling)? Or will I be wasting my time and money on a distance program?

After a few posts I have read, it seems distance schooling is some what looked down upon in this profession. But heck, I have no other choice!

And if I may venture further, what might the starting pay be for me if I did graduate from a distance HVAC program?

Any help and advice offered would be much obliged. Thanks in advance for your time.

P.S. What a great site, everyone here is so helpful =)

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