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    Hopefully this is not too off topic, but I had a question as to plumbing for multiple water heaters.

    I have 2x 40g 5 year old Bradford White heaters plumbed in parallel. One of the heaters is leaking from metal on metal corrosion (hot water side). The repair guy thinks it may also be cracked from evidence of rust at the bottom of the pan. The pilot stays lit, but after about two 10 minute showers the hot water stops.

    Aside from all the problems with the tank and leaking plumbing, what is the opinion on the plumbing? Should the tanks be plumbed parallel or series? I understand the argument for both, but which usually work the best?

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    it sounds like it is a diptube problem.

    have you noticed it getting progressively worse?

    there was a recall some time ago with bad diptubes, but i seem to think it was longer than five years ago.

    maybe someone else here would have more info.

    rust in bottom without any signs of water sounds like condensation.

    we usually pipe in series, that way only one will fire most of the time.

    why didn't you just get a 75 gal. tank?

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