For the past couple of days my furnace
(Rheem classic 90 plus) is making a vibrating noise.

I checked the blower motor and saw if there was any play
in it.

There is no play sideways but when I tried to pull the
motor shaft there was a slight play (moved a bit)

Does this mean the motor bearings are starting to wear out?

My furnace is about 7 years old. Is this a timeframe when
the motor starts developing problems?

Also the fan blades look OK to me. There was some light
dust stuck to the blades but they seem OK.

I am pretty sure the noise I heard was coming from the motor.

Assuming the motor has to be replaced to get rid of the
noise, there is a capacitor which needs to be disconnected
to access the squirrel cage. How do I discharge the

Is it enough if I touch a multimeter to the capacitor
terminals? I don't want to get a schock from the capacitor.

Also is replacing the blower motor easy? (1-2 Hr job)
Since is is pretty cold here and I don't want to have
the furnace down a long time.

Thanks a lot for your help.