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    I heard about this on the radio. You type in your zip code or major city along with 'Tradesman' (for Hvac) ... and it tells you approx. what you should be making for a salary.

    Next time you come up for a salary review, print off a copy and lay it on your bosses desk ....or, if youre making too much, keep quiet.

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    Good lord where did they come up with them numbers? With out delving into the forum rule breakage, them numbers are quite a bit off from what the company I work for pays anyway, and I'd suspect somewhat off from what others pay too.

    But it's nice to dream though.

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    I agree, the numbers do seem quite a bit off. It would be nice to make that kind of money, however. It would be interesting to know if these figures are for union or non-union companies and if these figures include benefits.

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    If my boss sees this he'll know I'm overpaid.

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