I had an HVAC pro install a 15KW Heat Kit upgrade for my Goodman Air Handler (ARUF042), used to have a 10KW heat kit. The old heat kit had 2 breakers (60A each) and the new heat kit had 4 breakers (2 60 and 2 30). After the guy installed the upgrade, I didn't really notice much of a change, I called him and he came and looked at it and said it is working fine.

I looked outside and noticed that 2 of the breakers (the 2 30A) weren't connected to any supply voltage. Is this normal??? If not, I will probably to call the guy back out here, but I want to know what to tell him if something is wrong, and if it isn't wrong, I want to leave the poor guy alone and just realize there isn't much difference between a 10kW and 15kW heat kit.

Thanks in advance for the help!