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Thread: Getting Close

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    Almost finished with school.4 weeks to the EPA exam and about 7 weeks till graduation.Tonite we had a tool nite at Johnstone supply and there was an ad for a service tech in my area code,Im going to call tomorrow.Being this close maybe Ill have a shot at the job and it will make all the time and money spent worth it,not to mention the lack of sleep.I really cant wait to get out in the field so I can start the real education.I have a resume and a copy of my grades to date just hope my age (42) doesnt have a bearing on hiring.

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    42's not old.

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    I'd hire a 42 year old, over a 20 year old kid, every time!

    My all-time favorite student was 60 when he graduated.

    (He'd been driving a truck, and got his neck broken, avoiding an accident with a car full of kids.)

    He got a job in a processing plant, taking readings, and occasionally turning a knob, telling mechanics what to do.

    Last I heard, he was making pretty good money.

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    Getting close

    When I taught Adult education with NYC, I had a student 53yrs. old. When he graduated I sent him to one of the bigger contractors. Their response was send us more in this age range, as they tend to work out better than youngsters. They said that youngsters get blinded as soon as you think they are set with you, they go running off to somebody else who offers $1.00 more an hour
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    Geez -------I'm going to be 62 in a week and have been doing this for about 7 years-------so no you are not to old. And by the way I'm not going to retire yet------------after the mortgage is paid for --about a year yet. Then maybe!!!!!

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