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    new member to this site have been in business for 22 years am considering handling goodman furnaces there seems to be a love/hate relationship with this product .
    considering the unit only can you tell me the difference between a goodman and other units?

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    I know that they either have Janitrol or Janitrol owns them I don't know which, I have a heard a lot of negative stuff about them but have not actually seen it in their furnaces. I do know that they used some cheap bristol compressors in their condensing units and they tended to be loud and short lived. I also had several problems with their condenser fan motors, I don't know how extensive their line of products are if they manufacture all the types of equipment needed in todays markets. there will be new regulations coming out soon that make sweeping changes in the types of equipment being made. A lot of things to be considered, if I repped them I would defininitely not have them without also having a more name recognized brand some other lines will not let you rep their equipment if you also rep another brand, but in the end you have to know your customer and choose the brand that fits their needs not necessarily yours.

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    They have the standard warranties
    They are much better now then just a few short yrs ago.
    Those older units left a bad taste in most peoples mouths,It will take along time to rinse out.
    If you try to fail, and succeed.
    Which have you done ?

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    as we are located in western canada and we do a lot of custom homes i am specifically looking at their hi -eff variable furnaces .

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    If you're looking for price, Goodman is the selection.

    If you're looking for durability, dealer support and quality look to Trane, Carrier.

    Certainly you'll have responses that even the worst product properly sized & installed will perform well but in terms of quality - Goodman missed the boat.

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    we handled trane for approx 10 years could not really say they are any more reliable than any other brand we still do handle carrier and keeprite but keep getting these flyers from goodman got one today saying if heat exchanger cracks withih 10 yrs they will provide new unit.

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    Goodman purchased Amana - Amana had with out a doubt the best HX ever made. The stainless steel wrinkle bend tubular was an incredible product.

    The Goodman / Amana product line is now intermingled - no telling what you're going to get.

    On the warranty - it's driven by marketing not a testimonial of quality. Also, truth be known, with trying to stock HX's + how rapidly the units are re-enginnered + the actual cost of a HX --- the mfg is better off giving you a new furnace.

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    The GMV9 models are a nice unit. You can purchase a 10 year parts and labor warranty to go along with the 10 year furnace replacement warranty and still be under the cost of most other brands. Their parts are made by the same companies that many of the other manufacturers use.
    I too was a Trane dealer for over 5 years and I can say that I've replaced as many parts in them as I have in the Goodman units or any of the other brands for that matter.

    If you want some more info on them go here:

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    Since Goodman came out with an entirely new line of heating and coooling equip. within the last couple of y ears, it has been reliable, i like the design and engineering of it very much, its easy to work on / install ..and alot of thought obviously went into the new line of products. The price is definetly good over Carrier or Trane., and they have a huge national network of Distributors . They have some sharp colored brochures including the lastest one where they compare a Goodman a/c unit to a Lennox featurewise. I believe Goodman is now a quality product at a reasonable price. Id also like to say, that, both carrier and trane have had ALOT of problems with furnace circuit boards and draft inducers not lasting very long ; and who can forget the heat exchanger failure rate on Trane furnaces in the 1990's. For as much fanfare as these two megastars not impressed with them ; i install them because the public is inundated with their massive advertising campaign.

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    Wink Goodman

    I asked this about Goodman here
    a little while back.You can do a
    search on 41gasman and read it.
    I will say that after that thread
    I am noe a dealer.I have had no probs
    with them yet.There is some little
    stuff I don't like.But by far
    and above for the price they
    are a pretty dam good unit.
    One of the things I like the
    most is that for the money
    I build in the ten year warrenty
    into the bid on all V/S!!!
    Makes for a really good
    presentation.And I'm still
    very competitive.But more that
    price I sell a high quality
    install.With the long pay
    back between a 90% verses 80%
    I cav sell a 80% V/S with a
    eac.Do a dam nice install
    give the home owner a good
    system and make a living.
    Really the only only time
    I sell the 90% is if location
    (noise)is a factor.Or if
    thats just what they want.
    Best of luck to you.

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