Okay here is my first post and I will most likely screw it up. Iam having problams with the new censored cb28uh split system heatpump multi speed motors. I know why they burning up and that is because of a cheap relay the factory uses which I call a ice cube relay since it resembles a ice cube (clear plastic case). The relay is allowing both high/cool and low/heat speeds to go to the motor at the same time. Bad for multi speed motor windings this I know. But how can I get the factory to fix this problem. I can fix it using the heavier duty, old style blower relay a type 9340(costs money for this company) or I could place both the high and low speed wires to a single speed tap on the blower moter so if the factory relay fails the blower runs 24/7, but the motor lives to run another day. But I guess my question is how to get the Factory to acknowledge they have a problem. This has been going on for almost 2years now.