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    Had a burnout on a compressor, recovered 16 lbs r404a and then proceeded to use 3 tanks of nitrogen to blow out the lines. I used 500 psi which resulted in a loud hiss and a cloud being released into the athmosphere. The guy next door was taking pictures of the nitrogen purge with the intention of sending it to EPA. I explained to him that I was not venting refrigerant but Nitrogen and any oil residue in the evaporator and lines, but to no avail, so I am waiting to hear from epa.

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    Have all your documentation handy: recovery machine registrations, reciepts from supply house showing returned refrigerant etc. I hope the video shows you hadn't returned the reclaimer and tanks to the truck yet.

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    Tell Allen Funt to mind his own biz.
    I wouldn't lose any sleep over a visit from the freezone police.
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    You should have taken the guy out on the roof to show him what you did, and then pushed him off.

    We do a building that the EPA is in and they watch us when we are working on the units, especially doing a recovery but except for a pop quiz one time no problems.

    I think they may not bother if the pictures show nitro tanks, but just curious why 500 psi? I've never used that kind of pressure to purge seems (is) excessive.
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    They were outside the fence no visible view of the equipment I was working with. They had a digital camera. I don't think that it is against the law to purge the system with nitrogen, is it?

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    No law broken,if it was ONLY nitrogen, but 500 psi as a purge is a waste of nitrogen, dangerous, and less effective than a steady bleed at about 50 psi.

    The cloud, I take it was from oil? Didja dispose of that properly, or is it all over everything? THAT ould be a violation of environmental laws.

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    This is from EPA

    Releases of CFCs or HCFCs that are not used as refrigerants. For instance, mixtures of nitrogen and R-22 that are used as holding charges or as leak test gases may be released, because in these cases, the ozone-depleting compound is not used as a refrigerant

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