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    Guess I should be ashamed of messing with a seller on the internet. But hey if another HO can see the trickery in trying to install a mini-split off the internet then it was a good exercise. In other words don't even attempt it!!
    Ad read "do it yourself mini-split" blah blah blah.
    So I wrote and asked if you had to pull a vaccuum,know what you are doing and add freon and this is what he wrote:

    Hello Sr.

    Thank you for your interest,

    Well Our units come ready to go...they could be instal by any body that has some mecahnical experience.
    Vacum, adding gas, not need it in this equipment...

    Thanks again for your interest,
    Name was witheld
    I know the pros know this kind of stuff is out there. But HO beware this IS NOT do it yourself and the guy lied!!

    It also looked like CHEAP JUNK.

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    Opportunity for failure.

    Did you ever get your noisy pipes issue resolved?

    What was it?
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