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    My house has a raised floor and crawl space underneath. The plumber who did the job some 30 years ago left a dramatic low spot in the cast iron hub house drain line, which unbeknownst to me rusted a hole about the size of your index finger through the bottom of the pipe. For the last several months everytime we ran the kitchen sink, dishwasher, and washing machine, we were dumping a moderate amount of water into the crawl space.

    I repaired the leak (what a pain in the axx), but now have standing stagnate water around the low spots. Its not a great amount of water (maybe 5 gallons, but the smell from the stagnate water is now be smelled in the house. My first attemp to get rid of the smell was to spray liquid chlorine on the moist dirt and then I threw some chlorine tabs into the standing water. By morning the smell was back. There is no mold growing anywhere, but I am concerned about that.

    I would really prefer to handle this without calling my insurance company if possible. I'm hoping if I can get rid of the water the smell will go away also. I'm considering throwing a couple of bags of kitty liter in there to deal with the water and smell, but this sort of work isn't my cup of tea.

    Any ideas from someone who has water/flood damage experience?

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    I had a similar problem, fortunatley I was able to pump most of the water, then I used a floor fan (used for drying waxed floors, you can rent if at Homedepot)and blew fresh air into the space for several days. plumber's used a granular product to clean up greese,ect. lime, they said would also work though a little harsher, I would be careful adding anything else with the bleach already there. I would use some of the stuff they use to clean up barf, it absords moisture, you will them have to remove it

    or contact a plumber,
    Still learning opinions welcome.

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    Lime is an inexpensive odor neutralizer. We use lime to reduce horse urine odors in our barn stalls. I'm not sure how lime would react to the chlorine you have used already, but it is effective for odor control.

    Perhaps your local pool supplier can suggest a product to kill the smell, they work with chemicals for water on a daily basis.

    Good luck

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