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    It's old news. If the standard has been updated or if there's a different standard that supersedes this one then please let me know. Those that stick their combustible gas detectors to the manifold and condemn the gas valve aren't doing anyone any favors. I've seen it happen many times. I list it here because a homeowner asked me about it via this forum recently. You can get the .pdf file here.

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    Irascible,you're just in time.Thanks for sharing!

    I had a call just last week where the customer call and said
    she smell gas.I'm out in no man land,so I called her in told her to call the gas company.They go out in tell her
    her she getting some trace of gas at the furnace,around the valve and orfice area.
    I get there the very next day and she has the garage door
    open and I walk on in.
    I too smell gas.So I go over to the furnace and it off but
    the stack pipe is warm.Just has I put the tool tray down,she
    start the heat cycle.I spring to my feet and hit the emergency switch.

    Any way to make a long story short,I comb the hell out of the furnace,I checked and cycle system a dozen times with meter in place.I soap all fittings,Notta,nothing!

    So I tell the help go grab the stop watch lets go clock the meter see what happening.Closer I get to the meter the stronger the gas smell gets.Yep found gas leak at the riser.
    Told go in there in call the gas company right now.

    See does I leave,on follow up the next day I call and asked
    whats going on.They put in a new pipe all is working But the
    gas company still saying they get a trace with there sniffer
    near the furnace.

    I told her to tell the gas man to get a new sniffer! Now
    that you post this,I'll will share it over a cup of Joe
    with this customer!

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    Originally posted by simpleman
    I told her to tell the gas man to get a new sniffer!
    Take their sniffers away is more like it. (Well, at least until some proper education is in place.)

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