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    Tempstar HS Pilot Problems/ Smart Valve

    Happy Holidays. Ive been working on Tempsatr furnace mn NUG5100BHB2 sn L941575165. Originally the hs ign was glowing but no pilot flame. Took out the pilot assembly and the orfice was clogged. I replaced the pilot assembly and now the main burners fire with a slight rollout. It seems the main gas is opening before the pilot gets a chance to light. The main gas opens at the same time the hs ign starts glowing. Not too familiar how these smart valves work. I cleaned the burners and checked gas pressure in and out 7/3.5 wc but problem persists. Is there supposed to be a delay between the pilot lighting/flame sensing and the main burners lighting?

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    The statement below is my signature and just my overall feeling towards our industry and does not necessarily pertain to you nor this thread.

    There really isn't a legitimate excuse for not doing the job correctly!

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