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Thread: any WOMEN???

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    Originally posted by swampfox
    There are a few others around here, I know of one local to me also

    Oh.....and by the way

    I must disagree swampfox. Pics would eventually cause some hurtful remarks. If you’re not a woman, who cares we are not dating. It’s kinda cool not having a visual, you see deeper into the person.

    I think women in the HVAC trade are interesting. I would like to hear their spin on the what we do.
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    I agree FS just kidding around there, I think its great there are women in this field, sorry if I offended you ladies

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    I hired a female apprentice installer about 2 months ago, no experience. She is learning very fast, not afraid of hard work, all the guys like her cause she not only carry's her work load she out does some of them. If another one comes along I'll hire her to.

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    My wife ane I worked together for several years after we were married(BC)before children. She was always better at the public relations than I. She also handled incomming calls for service and put them in order of need not want. She can do Q&A over the phone with customer to see if they have checked the basics, breakers filters ect. Now she works in the banking buss. She and I went to the convention too.
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    My wife goes with me on jobs. Some women are at home alone and feel more comfortable another woman there. She also has been hit on and once a $75 dollar tip by an old geezer. I don't worry, I don't even think they have tooth brushes! They alway call her when needed, they say I can come also.

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