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    As the new guy on the Block,are Tech schools worth the cost?All you pros out there did you get training at tech schools or the school of hard Knocks!

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    You are not going to learn what you need to know about this business without going to a good HVAC tech school. You simply can't learn the necessary theory required to be good at this profession on the job.

    The bigger problem is finding a good tech school where the instructors are teaching what needs to be taught and know how to teach well.


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    As the new guy on the Block, may I give you this advise?

    read every word that Norm posts find subjects he has written about on the tips board

    Like he said , finding someone that really knows how to teach and finding a good program will be difficult. I just left an HVAC program offered through our city school district that had to be one of the worst programs and began going to a community college.

    I have got to ask, where were you planning on learning this busniess if it wasnt through a tech school of some kind?

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    There is a major need for you to go to school. I heard dental assistants make good money. Or you could do like Dice always recomends and throw yourself in front of a bus and get it over with.

    If you don't go to school you'll end up a hack. Get an associates degree.

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    A tech school is only as good as the instructor. Am quitting teaching ( part-time / nights ) as the two day-timers have never worked in the field and schedule classes accordong to what is easiest for them to do.
    Our school teaches, for an entire semester, the 12 page book for refrigerant certification. Now they are changing their schedule to teach an entire semester of "electric heating". I refuse to teach when the school doesn't even care about the 'quality' of their program.
    Private schools are probably better, though I don't know for sure, but costs more.

    And oh by the way, I've never been a student at a tech school. Learned my way by school of hard knocks, reading material, and asking many questions. Have state certifications in HVAC & Electrical. Licensed in Hvac & electrical contrcating. Been an electrician for over 30 years, and an Hvac troubleshooter for over 15 years. It can be done, with a lot of hard work.

    Either way you go, learn everything you can, don't be afraid to ask questions, but be careful. Insure that the one you ask is knowledgeable and that you trust them.

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    There are many different quality levels of schools.
    Also, each individual is different.

    This makes it very hard to say "Is it worth it?"

    What you get out of any school is exactly proportional to what you put into it.

    I started out completely green, as a helper. As soon as I showed a little iniative, (but was obviously way off) my boss recommended a local community college.

    My learning curve went STRAIGHT up!

    I worked a few years as installer, moved to service, eventually became "the go-to guy", when others couldn't figure something out.

    I probably would have eventually moved up the ladder in expertise, but tech school, warts & all, really kicked me forward in understanding.

    It was worth it for me.

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    Definetly go to a tech school or Community college and learn all you can.

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    Ct2 (response)

    I have some tech school and community college training part of the problem, with tech schools is alot of the guys are getting recurrent training.
    This guys arent serious about this training because their work is paying for it and they think they already know everything!
    So they joke around in class and make so much noise you have a hard time understanding the teacher.
    And some of the teachers are some what lacking in knowledge or caring,had one teacher that didnt Know how to ohm out an compressor!
    I read every night and also I get on this web site every night well almost.
    I want to thank all you guys and the people that started this web site I learn every time I get on here.
    Thanks again to all who have responded I will take your advice and try to follow through.

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