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    anyone know anything about industrial building services? I have seen there trucks around town (Atlanta) and i know they do nothing but light commercial work. Just wondering if anyone knew if they are a reputable company to work for, or if they have a high turnover rate ( s sure sign of a bad co.). any input would be appreciated. thanks

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    I've been with IBS for about 6 years now. I used to work out of the Atlanta branch and moved to NC to work for them. I hope I never have to look for a job elsewhere. Let me know if I can answer any other questions for you

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    Was a service manager for them at one time. Since the buyout from Lennox it seams to have gotten better. Large Company with Large company issues. Pay well and good benifits, you will have a job year round. Outside prospective, as a tech I would work for them.

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    i appreciate your input. thanks

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    thanks for the info

    ibs4life, thanks for the info on ibs, i just applied on MEP@ work for a position in charlotte with them.i will hope to here from them. rommel21

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    I dont know if i totally agree with the "high paying" part. I had a phone interview with a dude out of Florida with IBS that was as dry as a popcorn fart, and as Money finally became the focus, he shriveled up at thought of paying anything but a "basic" wage. What he considered too much for this area, would not retain a decent 3 year man.

    I think all companies should advertise their max starting wage before interviewing prospective employees. I dont want to sway anyone, but i just didn't get a warm and fuzzy from this dude.

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    ibs in long island, no work no pay, 10 days off a year. you go by the clients hours. wash mutual is there big account here. average good a/c tech gets about 30-35 on long island ibs pays 25 tops, and you sweep floors on way out. your call.

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