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    Has anyone heard of the comfort guardian for a heat pump application? It claims to maintain duct s/a temp to 96 degrees so that homeowners will not feel the need to adjust the thermostat when the heat pump starts running. If anyone has ever used one or seem one used, i could use some information on the impact of such a device on a heat pump life cycle and maintenance.

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    I have installed them in the past. Most homeowners enjoyed the constant temperature/lack of temp. swings. The only real problem I encountered were with the solid state relays on the early models. The relay would literally pop open apparently from overheating. They are very specific as to where this relay gets mounted to prevent this problem. I stopped using them when manufacturers came up with their own version of the same principle. Lennox has "Even Heaters", York or Carrier has "Smart Heaters", etc. I would look at the OEM version first if available for the system you are considering.
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    I too have used them & my customers also liked the comfort of the warmer air. I only had one complaint about higher electric useage but even that customer was willing to pay the extra for the comfort. Haven't installed a new one in years.
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