I just noticed this forum, and thought i would stick my introduction here.

I am working out of Lansing, Michigan. I work for Lansing Community College as their lab technician currently. We have a wide range of equipment that i preform troubleshooting, preventative maintenance and "break" equipment for students to troubleshoot. I also act in a supplemental instruction role to help students grasp concepts or processes related to their classes, and provide additional lab experience to students.

I have an AAS in hvac/r building maintenance as well as a few certificates. I am EPA certified also.

The vast majority of my experience lies in comfort conditioning, although i have on occasion worked with high, medium, and low temp refrigeration systems, mostly PM stuff ( oil changes, topping off or checking charges, electrical troubleshooting, etc ) We do have more commercial equipment such as a 10 ton chiller, 350,000 btu hot water boiler and 300,000 btu steam boiler. I have some experience with hydronic heat, but little steam experience (wouldn't what the boiler makers to come after me!)

I joined this site to gain knowledge on a multitude of subjects and get those helpful little "tricks of the trade" that those who have been there, done that typically have to offer.

Thanks for letting me be a part of such a useful community!

- Jared