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    well i think i finally found 1 of those jobs that no one wants to do. i have a new home 2 new systems roughed in and the installer decided to cross liquid lines on me.well i tell you i have some not so bright competition out the they pulled out the suction line to the downsstairs syst. and left it that way.
    now don't get me wrong i'm up for a challenge . now i have a 4 inch chase with 2 sets of drailine 2 liquid line lvw and 2- 3/4 suction lines well 1 right now.any thought on how to get this dang line back in???

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    hate to say it......but you probably would be time ahead to start over....LIKE the name.

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    Cut one of the liquid lines on both ends. Sweat a new vapor line to the existing liquid line and tape a new liquid line to the new vapor line and pull them up together. Be sure to have someone on each end working together to keep from stripping off the armaflex. Or... find a new route for a new line set.
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