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Thread: sizing boiler?

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    Originally posted by jrc2905

    .... because the vast majority of AC and heating installs that I see doing service leave a lot to be desired and I find the information here very interesting and
    You can say that again, I do mostly repair work but do some residential A/C and oil boiler rated work too. General installations for the most part are nothing more than average, with alot of systems downright poor in their layout and installation. It appears everything is governed by price, so much that homeowner needs are for the most part, totally neglected or basically DEAD last on the list of concerns. What I really don;t like is telling the HO why they have so many problems or what a good installation with good equipment could do for them. It really pisses me off....sorry for the venting.

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    Re: Do NOT go one size larger

    Originally posted by Noel Murdough
    That shortens the life of the boiler, costs more to buy, and costs more to run.

    Size it to the heat loss. Period.

    Does that statement also hold true for a boiler that modulates between 20%-100%?

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