Dear Tide,

I'm writing to you to say what an excellent product you have. I've used it
since my college days, when my Mom told me it was the best. In fact, about
month ago, while at my girlfriends house, I spilled some red wine on my new
white shirt. She started to berate me about my drinking problem. One thing

lead to another and I had a lot of her blood on my white shirt, as well. I
tried to get the stain out using her bargain detergent, but it wouldn't come

out. On my way home, I stopped and got a bottle of liquid Tide and all of
the stains came out. So well, in fact, that the DNA tests were negative!!!!

I thank you, once again, for a great product. I now have to write a letter
to the Hefty bag people.

Yours truly,

Gary Condit