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    I have a JCI system with some graphics in the GDF format, does anyone know of a conversion program that would allow me to save them as a bitmap?

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    im guessing adobe photoshop but i'm not sure check them out - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

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    If you can edit this picture it may allow you to save it as a .bmp, if not there are pretty good OCR programs out there one is by Abbey Finereader that can be manipulated to save anything to anything.

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    If all else fails just hit "Print Screen" and then paste it into a graphics program. I like Paint Shop Pro.

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    Is the BMS 'Metasys' if it is the drawings can be opened and edited on windows draw, worked for me anyway, good luck

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    If this is a Johnson system most of the graphics are created in a program called Designer which is a long the same lines as Paint in Windows. I have never seen a file extention like that before, but I would try using Corel or Adobe to open this file. If need be I can send you off a copy of Designer via e-mail if Corel or Adobe doesn't work.

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    If .gdf files are the ones I am thinking of they cannot be converted, I have allready tried.

    The files are made by Iconics which makes M-Graphics for JCI.

    However, If you do find a way let me know!

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