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    Went and talked to another teck today. Explained things to him. He thinks it might be the trunk only 14in wide with 10 runs. He says the trunk needed to be at least 20 I think. Anyway am going to get someone to come out and go over the whole thing. Thanks for replys.

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    Have a proper load calculation done before any duct modifications are done as that may just be a bandaid to a oversized furnace... I would recommend a room by room load calculation and have the ductwork checked.. As the furnace may not be sized right,, the ductwork is likely to be incorrectly sized also..

    Things your tech should check:
    1. Temp rise..
    2. A-coil(is it dirty)
    3. Check gas pressure..
    4. Check for closed dampers or crushed flex duct..
    And many other checks...

    As stated,, this furnace seems way oversized for the size home you stated,, however only a proper load calculation can tell the truth behind our guesses..

    Find a quality contractor and have this properly checked out..
    Good luck

    You can run your own hvac load calculation with the home owner version of hvac calc 4.0.....Just click the bullseye and Don Sleeth will help you...

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    1,500 q ft = 3 ton !! Where is this glass house located ?

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