Something for Bryant/Carrier guys to ponder and comment on.

My Bryant 80% variable, 110k btu with Evolution control does the blower check daily at 1 p.m. Here's what I observed the other day:

After the blower check, the % filter used was at 20. The next day, the % filter used was at 90%. The next day, the % filter used was back at 0%. No one reset the % used counter.

Some days it will show 20% for a number of days and then suddenly display a dirty filter message.

No one changed the filter. Matter of fact, nothing changed that I am aware of other than the reading. Filter is an Aprilaire 2400 about six months old and hardly dirty by looking at it.

This is not a one time occurance but rather, it happens quite often.

Anyone know why the % used reading is going from 90% back to 0%?