I have a Carrier oil furnace with a Beckett burner model AFG. I have been having some difficulties with the reset button tripping.
I just recently transitioned from underground tank to above ground and also all new copper line filter etc. A week later I had to replace the transformer. This all happened about a month ago. I recently ran the new above ground tank empty for the first time. The service tech that installed the intake in the tank made sure to put the line a couple of inches off the bottom. I had fuel delivered today and every since the restart I have had to reset the button after each cycle. I have reset the furnace about five times and can't seem to understand any pattern why it is kicking back off. Sometimes the fan kicks on before it trips sometimes not.
I removed the fuel line and bled the lines. The nozzle was less than a month old with a new filter to boot.
Any suggestions as to what I might look for?