We purchased this house that was built in 1995 in the begining of September 2004. Prior to the purchase, in late August 2004, we had a furnace technician inspect the Geo-thermal furnace. Other than the original variable speed blower motor had been replaced with a single speed motor the technition said everything appeared normal and working fine. In Mid October 2004 the red light on the White Rodgers thermostat labeled MALF. came on. We immediatly contacted the service company and explained that the red light labeled malfunction was coming on. They said it was normal for the red light to come on when the temperture dropped and not to worry. So, we went ahead and schedulded a furnace tune up for mid November. In the meantime I e-mailed the manufacturer of the system and explained about the red light labeled MALF. was coming on near the end of the heat cycle. The reps reply was that I was probably looking at the emergency heating and not to worry. The tech came out in November and cleaned the furnace. He could get about a 15 degree temp rise in heating. His suggestion was that we have them come out in the spring and check the refrigerant level. About a week later the furnace quit heating altogether. A new tech checked the refrigerant level and said there was a leak somewhere. The final prognosis was that the coils froze and self-destructed because of the low refrigerant level.

I know it was stupid of me to ignore my own common sense about the red malfunction light and instead trust the advice of the service rep and the manufacturers rep. Should I just chalk this whole episode up to experience and buy the insurance next time? Or should I suggest that the service company help me out with the cost of a new furnace?