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    This is becoming a more frequent problem. Erratic behavior in that the furnace canbe working well and the next time the thermostat calls for heat,the valve does not open and therefore, no gas to the burners. The blower will execute and run and run and run until someone discovers the temperature is falling in the haouse and there is no heat coming from the registers.

    By simply turning the thermostat from on to off, and then turning it back to on, the pilot and gas valve will now open and gas gets to the burners and heat is produced.

    Has anone experienced these same symptoms. Repairmen have found no problem in each cursory review, no complete diagnostics have been run at this time.

    Furnace is
    Arcoaire and is approx 13 years old.

    Thanksin advance.

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    intermittant problems can be difficult to diagnose.

    next time it goes into lockout, do not reset the stat and get a tech there.

    you may have a small window which will flash a l.e.d trouble code. if you have to reset it, read it beforehand, and let the tech know.

    good luck

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    by the way, when was the system last serviced?

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    Since your a video guy,
    Put camera on your furnace, remove the front door and tape it.
    This could help the repair man catch what is happening.
    He can't stay there all day to catch but your camera can.
    If you try to fail, and succeed.
    Which have you done ?

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    Tool pusher , I assume your talking about the burner compartment door , not the blower housing door. A furnace 13 yrs old most likely will have flash code in blower compartment.

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    DO NOT remove the blower compartment door and run for any lenghth of time.

    possible co danger.

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    erratic furnace heat

    We have had at least 6 service calls, from three different companies, and we get totally different answers and totally different solutions, from new heat exchangers (dirty) to a new furnace.

    One company came out three times, but each time they sent a different technician, so it was a learning experience for each of them whenthey came.

    today we had a service call and he had basically the same answer you had, get the number of light beeps fromthe General 90 computer and callhis company again. He had two possible answers, the valve not working properly or the box not sending proper instructions to the valce to open up for some gas.

    Service call said a new valve would be around XXX and he didn't quote a price onthe Inter-City 'computer' but I see where they are around XXX?

    (No pricing, due to site rules )

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    smart tech. not trying to replace unnecessary parts.

    i agree with you on the sending out of different techs. they should keep sending out the same one. only he who has been there knows what he's done.

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    Videoguy something tells me that your problem may be in the T-Stat. If the T-Stat is takin out of the loop and both 24V T-Stat wires are tied together , hows the furnace run? It sounds like a 24 V problem.

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    The last time the furnace was serviced was Feb. 2004. Could the furnace be so dirty that it would not work properly after only 1 year of work?

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    yes and no.

    and btw, are you paying for each service call even tho the problem still exists? Perhaps you are a candidate for one of those service plans from a utility company? I generally don't like them but they do have their pluses as well as minuses.

    If you don't go that route, it's time to get in bed with a reputable company and stick with them. If the first tech can't solve the problem they should send out another one and then finally the manager/supervisor. Usually by then the problem is identified and corrected and a bill adjustment follows. Get my point? Let the past be past and start anew.

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    Furnace occasionally lights

    I also have the same problem on my Arcoaire furnace. The model number on mine is GNE100F14A1. Most of the time the furnace works, then for no apparant reason, the burner will not light. When you watch the situation, the pilot light starts, but the main burner never ignites. The main blower fan, however, turns on and stays on until you manually turn it off. I have had several furnace repairmen in to look at it but all they do is clean the pilot light sensor. It is obviosly something other than the sensor. I am assuming the controller is smart enough to recognize that if the pilot light is not on (or if it thinks it is not on), that the furnace in fact is not on and hence would not turn on the main blower motor. If you have figured out your problem, please let me know.

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    Unfortunately, both of you need to find a competent HVAC company to inspect, diagnose and repair your units.

    However, this doesn't change our site rules.

    Due to site rules we as members can not discuss technical issues with the general public.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

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