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Thread: Brands

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    Kampeh - I understand your concern of getting the best product... but honestly you're wasting your time on seeking out the best PRODUCT. Equally, the best product for YOUR application & budget may vary to others.

    Spend your time on researching the BEST CONTRACTOR.

    As you've learned so far on this site, all mfg have a full line of equip. from low end builder models (yes even w/ high SEER) to top shelf product w/ all the bells & whistles.

    All contractors have preferances of equipment based on thier own personal experiances of dependability, durability, parts availiabilty, vendor support, performance, noise level, ease of service - percieved value.

    Here's a to do list:

    1) Stay with a top name brand. Carrier, Trane, Lennox. They have the infrastructure to help after the sale.
    2) Ask your contractor for a copy of his lic., workers comp ins. and a list of referrals
    3) Ask if the contractor is 100% drug free
    4) Ask if you will recieve 24 hr service EVEN IN WARRNTY after the sale.
    5) Ask for the extended warranty - the best contractors offer a 12 Yr parts & Labor w/ a 12 Yr NO LEMON warranty + a garranty of min. 25% electrical savings + 10 yr rust thru warranty
    6) Ck with the BBB
    7) Ask to visit a job site to see one just like the one you'll be getting --- do you like the contractors craftsmanship?
    8) Ask if all workers are employees totally under his control or subcontractors
    9) Ask if he's going to obtain all permits.
    10) Ask if he's going to protect your home w/ drop cloths & his employees wear booties.

    Treat your contractor fairly & expect the same.

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    Re: Infinity Control

    Originally posted by kampeh
    I have my new HVAC installed but I want a programable thermostat and I'm trying to figure if I should:

    1. go buy a basic one at Home Depot and install it myself.

    2. get an Infinity Control

    2b. my installer and contractor don't advise I get the Infinity Control and apparently they have never installed one, (which might be why). They said they did have "some" trg in it and they could install it for a certain amount which I don't know if that is a competetive price or not, they sound like they are trying to discourage me.

    Should I look for another installer/contractor that has experience with this product? I checked the Infinity Control website andthey listed one distributor only that is hundreds of miles away

    Low speed is what you need ,most of the time ,to cool your home,Infinity is well worth it.

    Ask your contractor again,if he can't or won't ,I'd look elsewhere.

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    Thanks Dash.

    Cool, I did about everything on your to do list. I'm satisfied I have got the best product and the best contractor.

    It's because of this contractor's recommendation that I got the Infinity Furnace. But they advised that since my thermistat was not bad, I need not replace it, which is true. But I want to take full advantage of my new stuff. Both ends of my contract have been completed satisfactorily now. I'm still interested in learning more about the Infinity Contol and how I could get it installed and make good use of it now.

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    As a homeowner, I agree that it is very important to insist on at least a 10yr parts and labor warranty.

    At the time I was buying my 58MVP three years ago, with eight bids no contractor offered a 10yr labor warranty. Things changed in this area with certain large retailers offering 10 year labor warranties, so the smaller HVAC contractors may have changed accordingly to match those offers. Anyway, Carrier did offer a 10yr parts warranty, and I'm oh so glad I paid the extra $50 for this. So far, the unit has required two new control boards, new hot surface ignitor, and inducer fan. And I replaced the thermostat with a Carrier just to eliminate that as a questionable item. This would be over $1,000 in parts alone had I not bought that parts warranty from the manufacturer. And it still has a lingering fault that no one has been able to fix (including multiple service techs and the Carrier Distributor). Everyone has been helpful, but the bottom line is that this has been an unreliable and expensive to maintain unit.

    I would not buy the Carrier brand again, and certainly not the 58MVP. I have read too many stories on this board concerning troubles with this unit. I've influenced several people to buy other brands as a result of my experiences and their units have been problem free (Trane, Rheem).

    When I read posts and replies concerning the cost savings expected with the 58MVP, I have to chuckle because any potential energy savings are wiped out instantly with a few service calls worth of costs.

    I have had the opportunity to talk at length with a half dozen techs as they have been servicing my unit, and they all have stories of the Carrier 58MVP acting unpredictably.

    Note that I have always appreciated the input from the pro's on this board, and they have helped me diagnose issues that I have relayed back to the contractor to fix.

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    58MVP w/controller

    I have the Infinity Controller installed now, first one the contractor ever installed. I'm very happy with it so far. I agree extended warrenty is parts and labor is worth it.

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    TRANE best research and developement on there product than anyone else

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    TRANE best research and developement on there product than anyone else. Payne is a Bryant with 2 screws missing, Bryant is a Carrier with 1 screw missing.Lennox well there they are. Just my belief work on fewer TRANE than anything else and there warranty program rocks.

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    just my 2 cents worth, whatever it is worth. Trane is a very good product,and your contractor may be as well. Go with them both, and you will do well.Whomever you go with,Technology is the brainforce of competition. With that,new technology revolves around new problems. Older tech probs. get resolved. 2 stage ,and variable speed furnaces have issues somewhat,with repair costs,high end,too super high end. Your extended warranty charges you up front for one of these repairs. I dont believe in purchasing extended warranties for stuff.This sets back your energy savings by far on your 1st repair, or your extended warr. purchase. Go with a little older(updated) technology where the manufacturer states a manufacturer warranty. Most are 5 yr. labor depends on service Co. Our new line, Frigidaire, has a standard 8 yr parts.Im not pushing that line, but be choosy and go where there are fewer problems.
    never say never

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