This is an after the fact question because this unit was installed last year. I had a CLQ -36-1 14 seer ac unit installed with a GMNT080-4 80BTU Goodman furnace with a U59 coil with an XV24-60 TXV valve.

I am no pro so bear with me, it looks like maybe the A coil is really too big and I am wondering if this will make this unit less efficient than the propsed 14 seer. In running it last year it sure seemed to do a nice job in keeping the place cool and dehumidified and my bills did go down even thought I kept the house about 3-4 degrees cooler, but what I have seen on this is that 1/2 to 1 ton oversize A coil would probably be the limit. (Maybe I am concerned over nothing)

The installer believed he could get even a little more efficiency with this A coil. The installer did a very nice job and has very good references and the price was very fair, so I have no reason to think he is mis leading me. But that does not mean he may be wrong in this instance.

By the way I live in Kansas humidity is a little bit of an issue but the unit seems to do fine in getting rid of humidity.

Thanks for educating me.