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Thread: Furnace got wet

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    LENNOX oil furnace that's been there for 6 years and it supposed to stay there in the basement as I have not ordered to replace it. But the guys removed it to outside and it rains heavily now. Do you think the oil furnace will get damaged in some way while staying in the rain? The oil furnace filter probably is useless when wet. Well, it's not just oil furnace, but a furnace that's gonna be used to put a new ductwork and new heatpump on. The guys had to toss the furnace on a side to get all the water out of it. They brought it backinto the basement. Do you think I can still use that fuirnace or did TSC company screwed it up? Please help. Thanks a lot.

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    Heat exchangers do not like water,rust is a problem. Not to mention the gas controls and electrical wiring. Im not sure its totaled but Id check it out and get it inside. Im sure any warranty is void.

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    you already asked that question and yes it's not the best idea to put it out side but in a basement or attic is not exactly a ideal location for anything. i'm in fl and all the rain from the hurricanes got plent of a/h's and furnaces wet but very few had electrical problems ask them for a free electronic air cleaner if you really want something out of it .. to answer you're question it will be fine ...

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    This was covered in your 2 other posts about this same topic,

    Talk to your sales rep, get something in writing.
    Or buy another unit.

    If your going to keep asking the same question, then I'll tell you what you want to hear,

    Yes the furnace is junk, the installers were stupid, you have every right to sue for a new furnace.
    If you try to fail, and succeed.
    Which have you done ?

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    I would sell a new one or just let it go to someone else.

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