Ou new Hydro-Air (forced hot air & CAC)system is now installed and running. However, I have one small problem. We have a two-floor colonial with all bedrooms upstairs. Each floor is its own zone (with seperate air handlers & independent duct systems). We use programmable thermoststs to control operating costs. At night we set the downstairs at 55 degrees and the upstairs at 67. The problem is that the upstairs thermostat is located in the unheated hallway, a few feet from the return and the stairwell, and seems to be affected by the cool tempatures downstairs. The system seems to cycle frequently to keep the hallway at 67 degrees, but then the bedrooms get a bit too warm. The opposite happens in the morning when the downstairs system comes on. The hallway is warmd by the downstairs and the bedrooms get a bit too cool.

*The upstairs hallway is small (4ft X 15ft) with access to four bedrooms and a bath

*We sleep with several doors (unoccupied rooms) wide open
to allow better retuen flow.

Any idesa to fix this problem?
Should we move the thermostat to a bedroom?

Thanks for all your help!!