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    I been selling a/s equipment since about 95 ! I had good luck with thier compressor's till the past couple years ! I heard they ( trane ) moved thier compressors factory a few years back and Im wondering if any other dealers were having more compressors failures in the past several years ? Im looking for some imput from others with the same equipment . thanks bh
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    bob,I have been using A/S since 1988 and I have only had 7 compressors fail. One of them actually worked but, the union on the low side cracked and couldn't be repaired.I hope they keep up the Q/C. I have dealer meeting coming up in March/05 I am going to ask if they are doing anything diiferant at the plant.
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    Around 2000, recip production moved south of the border. Since then we've replaced many more comps than we ever did in the previous 8 years since taking A-S on in 1992. I've lost faith in them. Of course when I asked a rep at the A-S booth at Comfortech, he said failures have gone down.

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    a friend of mine is a am/std dealer,was talking a couple of weekends ago and he was complaining about problems w/ them. first time i'd ever heard him speak anything but priase of trane.he's been a dealer for about 10 yrs. it's not the first i've heard of problems w/ comp's for am/std.

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