Hi guys,

I have a few questions: a LENNOX installer company started work today in my house. I noticed they got no masks on (they told me no one gave them masks) and they were removing very old ductwork with "asbestos tape" on it. It's kind of asbestos insulation (?) that's thin like paper. The company says that that "asbestos tape" (it's not tape but all over from outside on the ductwork) is not harmful and only can harm if you swallow it.

Now about LENNOX oil furnace that's been there for 6 years and it supposed to stay there in the basement as I have not ordered to replace it. But the guys removed it to outside and it rains heavily now. Do you think the oil furnace will get damaged in some way while staying in the rain? The oil furnace filter probably is useless when wet. Well, it's not just oil furnace, but a furnace that's gonna be used to put a new ductwork and new heatpump on.

If it goes wrong once again I'm thinking of recalling this contract.

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