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    I'm just curious why the vB code buttons aren't turned on (or avalible) on this forum? Most every other forum out there is set up so to post a pic, you click the IMG button, it puts all the code in for you, you just paste the url to the pic in there, same for urls and all sorts of other stuff.

    I'm not saying this bunch is technically challenged or anything, but I'm sure more pix would be posted (for good, ie, wall of shame/pride sections).

    Maybe I'm over lookin the obvious, maybe there's a reason behind this, just thought I'd ask.

    Incase anyone is curious what I'm talking about, you can go click reply on a forum like and see what I mean.

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    Because this version of VBulletin is about 5 years old now, the newer versions have many more features, it would be nice if they would upgrage

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