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    Just a plea for a couple of you to repost your great answers to my thread "Takeoffs at Plenum are Different Temps". When the server went down last week, the replies were all lost with it.

    Some have already re-posted. But there were a couple other good posts that I'd love to get back.

    One of you included a link to a web page with great info on where and how to seal the ducts in a system.

    Another person said they had actually fixed situations like mine several times in the past and proceeded to say what they felt was wrong.

    If I could get these bits of input back I'd be very grateful.

    I appreciate all of you who have already taken the time again to give me your replies over.

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    The air is at different temps in the system near elbows and take-offs. its not some unknown phenomena, its because it doesn't mix well at these points and also aspirates air in while exhausting air out depending on the config. it could be hotter or colder than most of the air traveling a more straighter path.

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