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I hope we can get somemore home
owners in here.To here what they
need to feel confident in a
contractor.This can be a very
hard hurdle at times to get
Direct quote from one of the Professional Members of this Forum.

Suggestion: Learn the difference between a good contractor and a bad one. Learn enough and you'll realize how incredibly poor most of the workmanship is out there. After that you won't care one wit about the brand. Finding a good craftsman will be your top priority. But if not... you were warned.

Of course this member is not talking about anyone's workmanship that is posting on here is he ?

Anyway back to the OP topic of what home owners are looking for in an HVAC Co.

In regards to fast service, Don't promise to be right over then come 4 hrs later while things do come up don't promise what you can't deliver.

Of course we all want lower prices that is why we shop around, does lower price's mean bad workmanship or bad equipment? Not in all case's,I know of a few contracters that bid high on purpose because they were too busy and really didn't want the job, Why waste the time bidding just explain to the homeowner that current commitments have you currently occupied.Most of the professionals I deal with do the best they can and don't try and jury rig things to make them work.

In my neck of the woods you most likely don't have to have that spit and polish look but at least don't be cussing, smoking or spitting and have your fly zipped up when you arrive and most ppl will be ok with you, they understand you may have just come from the duck blind, fishhouse or deer stand.

On another note most homeowners don't want to take the time to explore the different brands or options that is why they have a HVAC contractor come in, they hear things on the T.V. or get friends and families imputs and then make the call, Like a lot of ppl mentioned on here its not the equipment in so much as the installer but they still like the name brands, grand pa had a lennox, pa had a lennox so I am getting a lennox too of course there is other brands but you get the jest of it.

Up here we read the see the ads in the papers, yellow pages and such but a lot of its word of mouth as well, if someone we know had a good install and was content with it they give references if, not pity the fool that screwed the pooch his job just got harder.

One other note if someone is gong to build a half a million dollar home do you think they care who the installer is that is why they pay the big bucks for the general contrator who has is own criteria !

But hey its just my thoughts anyway !!