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    Office and warehouse in both Crystal River & New Port Richey ,FL
    Just wanted to say,I think the idea of this thread,as I see it,for the Pros to learn what customers really want is teriffic!!

    Need a few more homeowners to join in!

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    Dallas, TX
    Originally posted by fat eddy
    Do you really look at trucks and determine who you will call to service your equipment ? I find that amazing, The tradition is that the most prestigous companies out there have no lettering on their trucks and it is for a couple of very very good reasons.
    Hey... seriously now... you're in Dallas, right? Didn't I buy a Nutty Buddy and a Fudgsicle from you last Sunday afternoon?

    In Dallas, reputable HVAC companies always have company-labeled vehicles.

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    I was in Dallas but it was not last Sunday, Why would you need lettering on your truck. Most communities around here ban lettered trucks in drives,garages, street parked. If I had lettering on my truck I would have to move.

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    Dallas, TX

    Thanks for clearing this up...

    That's why I, as a homeowner, would never hire such an HVAC company.

    - I don't know where your office is.
    - I wonder why your truck looks like any other van on the road.
    - When you tell me why you do this, I now understand where your office is.
    - I extrapolate from that you are probably solo, or only work w/ 1099 subs.
    - You can disappear.

    In keeping w/ the questions asked by the OP:
    no amount of your convincing how good you are would make me hire you. If you are that good, you label your truck, park it elsewhere, and have a car in your driveway.

    Sorry to say it that way, but I am the customer.

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    I didn't mean I work out of my home I work for a vary large contractor, I 'm saying that the town I live in has ordinances about the residents having commercial vehicles in their yards, street,and garages. They are more willing to look the other way if there is no lettering or ladder racks on them.

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    Hey eddy, are'nt you glad you don't live in TX ?

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    Are they all that tough there ?

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    4H: Hot, Humid Houston H.O.

    Hack repellent

    Fat Eddy, OK you have described some decent reasons why you have a conflict with parking trucks with lettering in your neighborhood. I sympathize with your situation. However the fact remains that many homeowners see an unmarked truck as a telltale that the HVAC guy is not too solidly in the business. Maybe it *is* a Texas type of thing, we have more than enough hacks out here and we might see a crummy truck as evidence of a hack at work.

    I think one thing a whole lotta HO's want deep down in their hearts is -- "HACK REPELLENT". If we could be sure of not getting a hack, many more of us would be open to paying the price of a good job. Some of us would consider our job half done if only we could find a sure way to avoid the bottom third of the industry. We are sick of paying for work and not getting it done, having mud tracked onto our carpets, having items stolen from within our houses when we turn our backs... all of these things have been in my experience.

    You always have my sympathies too because you have a difficult job under uncomfortable working conditions, and IMO not enough HO's are willing to pay you what a good HVAC tech is worth.

    Best wishes -- P.Student

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    Office and warehouse in both Crystal River & New Port Richey ,FL
    Originally posted by fat eddy
    Do you really look at trucks and determine who you will call to service your equipment ? I find that amazing, The tradition is that the most prestigous companies out there have no lettering on their trucks and it is for a couple of very very good reasons.

    Please explain the "prestigous" connection to unmarked trucks.

    What about magnetic signage?

    Have similar problem in some areas here,but okay if parked in the garage of the tech's home,amazing they can regulate what's parked inside your garage.

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    Here in MA it is local (town) government or sub-division rules that can prohibit "work trucks" from being parked overnight at residences. Can you believe some areas even prohibit a HO from leaving their garage door open! My guess is this is going on all over the country - especially in the new "McMansion" subdivisions that have 3000+ sq.ft. homes with 2 adults and 1 kid living in them. How ironic that these huge energy hogs exist but you don't allow the HVAC techs to live in them. Sorry for the hijack - but this really burns me.

    So fateddy has a reason - but most HOs still like to see a nice, shiny van and neatly dressed tech when the heat is on the fritz! It does matter.

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    Fat eddy,,, You stated in another thread that you don't install equipment that you sub it out.. Is this why truck are not labeled because you don't have your own installation work force???
    I am having a hard time understanding what you do in hvac...
    Are you a engineering company or a consulting company?
    You stated that you don't personally repair equipment within the first yr under warranty,, you stated that the Manufacturer is who repairs it or is it you require your subcontractor to make repairs the first yr.. I have never heard of such a thing... I make it very clear to my prospective customer that my company will be installing and servicing their equipment and my company will stand behind its install and service.. There has been very limited need for a manufacturer rep to need to get involved..

    I think most customers want to only have one company and one manufacturer that is responsible for their installation and satisfaction...

    I am not trying to get into a fight with you or trying to undermine your contributions to this field but I just don't understand some of your statements.. Your way of conducting business might be very successfull for you and your customers..

    Just my opinion..

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    What vehicles are used and how they are painted is something I would think of as a not very important factor, and certainly not the only factor, in considering a contractor. Of all the things in this thread, I would consider that probably the least important. As long as the vehicle(s) looks capable of supporting the work and service I want professionally (as in not a rusty flatbed)it would be fine with me.

    In any decison, there are going to be pros and cons that should be weighed, you are not going to find "the perfect" contractor unless maybe you spend an inordinate amout of time and go through 6 or more estimates (I DON'T reccomend it). If no truck lettering is a deal breaker for you, I'd say that's rather a shame.

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    Hmm Ho's wants

    I can sure understand wanting
    to see a clean and neat appearing
    tech.And there there truck.
    Perception is not everything
    but it is ALOT.I have to do
    battle with this every day.
    When I get done with installs
    I'm usually pretty darn dirty.
    Gas to gas change out are not
    that bad.But when your doing
    a new system or fixing old
    duct work in crawl spaces
    a guy can get pretty filthy!
    Problem is then I need to go out
    to do a bid or repair,service
    call or what ever.Now I carry
    change of clothes,pit stick
    and such.And yes I take my
    shoes off.This can be a pain
    in the butt though.Take them off
    when you go in.Go get them when
    it's out to the garage time.
    Take them back off to go back
    in.Back on to go to the truck.
    Get ladder,tarps to keep floor
    clean.Cover alls so after I
    get out of crawl and or attic
    because I have to get a solid
    looksy at existing duct work.
    I can still be clean enought
    to be in the house let alone
    sit down to talk about what needs
    to be done.It does play into
    the perception thing and it
    is important.But really it
    is just respect for somebody's
    home.And that IS very inportant!
    Dallisbill, I understand and
    really appreciate your honesty
    about what you look for.But
    I got to say I would have not
    guess that having my company
    name and logo on the sides of
    of my truck to say "pemanency"
    or "stability"or"reliable"
    to the customer in their minds
    eye.The biggest reason I haven't
    is the four to five grand to
    have it done.Sixteen foot cube
    van is a lot of suface area to
    cover with a sticker or paint.
    And I always thought magnetic
    stickers on the doors said
    "here today gone tomorrow"
    Alot louder than no stickers at
    all.But that is just my thinking
    Not the customers.And its their's
    that counts.I have always related
    how I come across to customers
    LIke dating.NOBODY has ever looked
    across the dance floor and thought
    "my what a beautiful heart" or
    "what a careing person" he or
    she must be.WE all thinking
    about.... well you get the
    picture.Its after we meat them
    that we start thinking "who
    are they".We all have to get pasted
    that first step.

    I hope we can get somemore home
    owners in here.To here what they
    need to feel confident in a
    contractor.This can be a very
    hard hurdle at times to get

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