That's in line with my position as a HO. I am now glad about the three estimates I got. I felt crummy about talking to the first "high" bidder this morning to cancel everything. I regret he "wasted" his time. I also think he rushed (because I have no heat and it's cold outside) and he did not treat me like I had a lot of intelligence but that I did have a lot of money (communication). He did not understand my current HVAC that well. He did not present me with with very many options or decisions to make.
The second estimate was $5,400 vs his of $8,600. If I had only had those two choices, I would have gone with $8,600.
But the third estimate was superior to me. The technician was extremely knowledgeable, especially about my system, patient, and respectful. He knew from his service records more about my system than the others could figure out because the labels have worn off. He said my AC unit is a 3 ton, so it makes sense to replace it with a 3 ton, Vs a 3.5 ton that was guessed (?) by others. Oddly, my blower is a 5 ton.