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    I have never been a fan of zoning air but a building contractor has asked for price on installatiuon of new home heat and cool multi-zone sysyem L.P. gas furnaces.
    Your thoughts,And comments.

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    are you referring to zoning using dampers or independent systems?

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    Zoning is the norm in consruction, including residential the little six and seven inch duct runs you see represent zones, they are just not usually controlled. Now if you are talking about controlling the air flow or air temperature to a zone thats a different story no building is built ( respectable ) without controlled zoning, then why do we so readily accept it in our homes. If you want true comfort then you have to control the comfort.

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    sorry i wasn't more clear.

    2500 sq. ft. home two story. One unit in attic and one in cellar.
    Building contractor looking for multi-zone each with zone dampers and By-pass to return both floors.

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