I am from Northren California. I live in a house which is 1400 sq ft. It has a carrier heat furnace gas based which is 20+ years old. I was thinking of replacing it to save on PG&E bill. I was shopping around and a Rudd guy gave me a quote to install the furnce, fix and wrap the duct, remove the asbestos pipe to the celing for $2000 for 80% Silhouette II gas furnance with a 5 year warranty on parts and labour.
I got one from seers for $2600 + asbestos removal($300-500).

Since i dont know much about Rudd, will any of you let me know how it compares with respect to carrier/trane. Though the Rudd guy showed me the consumer report which shows Rudd has fewer breakdowns, i would still like to get some feedback on the pros/cons of Rudd and which one is the best.

Also can i save atleast 25% on the PG&E bill every month during the winter months? Currently it is around $200 per month and i would say with 25% saving it will be a break even in 4 years.

Let me know what you think and suggestions are welcome too.