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Yup, bikes..

Back before I got into HVAC I was a real bike addict. The girl I was engaged to, her father owned a Honda dealership. She worked there, and I came on board as a service mgr. He retired, then we ran the dealership. We had a blast! I lived and breathed two wheels, even four wheels. I remember the CR500's being a freaking MONSTER!

Ran some 40 mile enduro's on my XR600, did some ice racing on a quad or two. Motocross was for the young 'uns, really..though jumping a CR125 was a hoot. Rode TONS of bikes as part of my job..Vmax's when they just came out, Wings, Helix scooters, GSXR's, Hurricanes, V65 Magna's, and on and on..

Still have a bunch of 50 cc mini trails (for fun), and a CX650 Turbo.

Haven't ridden in 6 years
That's my dream job! Why did you quit riding? Yeah the Cr500's were awesome..