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Thread: Motocross

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    Originally posted by hydronicsman
    Yup, bikes..

    Back before I got into HVAC I was a real bike addict. The girl I was engaged to, her father owned a Honda dealership. She worked there, and I came on board as a service mgr. He retired, then we ran the dealership. We had a blast! I lived and breathed two wheels, even four wheels. I remember the CR500's being a freaking MONSTER!

    Ran some 40 mile enduro's on my XR600, did some ice racing on a quad or two. Motocross was for the young 'uns, really..though jumping a CR125 was a hoot. Rode TONS of bikes as part of my job..Vmax's when they just came out, Wings, Helix scooters, GSXR's, Hurricanes, V65 Magna's, and on and on..

    Still have a bunch of 50 cc mini trails (for fun), and a CX650 Turbo.

    Haven't ridden in 6 years
    That's my dream job! Why did you quit riding? Yeah the Cr500's were awesome..

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    I love this pic. It's Mike Larocco going over "Larocco's Leap" It was named after him. He's about 40ft high. The jump is about 120ft long. Can't really tell from a front view though.

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    Here is

    my son Matthew and mine bikes.

    He will be riding mine soon and I'm gonna get the 450.

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    wow, when I was riding, this kind of air was unthinkable!

    It really was a dream job. I had my pick of bikes to ride-just slapped a dealer plate on whatever and took off. Met some cool guy rode this biggest peice of junk old Honda CB360T in NYC and he needed it serviced. I didn't want to touch it because the repairs would have cost more than the bike was worth. He told me he didn't care-no one would steal it because it was so bad. Turned out he was a director for the soap "Guiding Light". Now, I'm not a soap fan or know anything about them, but he invited us down to the set for a visit. So it was cool to see an episode taped and see how they did it, and se the directors slug it out in the control booth.

    Another was John Oates from Hall and Oates. He had a 200 quad for himself (he's tiny), and he couldn't get it to the shop for service. Went out there to his house to get it going. I remember his clasic line.."I have to go back to work in a few months.."

    I had this Brazilian tech that was just amazing. I found him one day re-winding a stator by hand! Of course I threw it out-here in USA we replace He was an incredible rider. We used to watch him ride backwards on a CB750 at walking speed. I watched him loft a CBX 6 cylinder longer than I could believe.

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