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    Spent most of this year seems like doing tight installs. Where are these things coming from?

    This old oil furnace we had to turn 90 degrees over a sewer line, drag it around, spin 90 degrees again and dug in crawl and in yard. Had to pull casing off and fold up end of frame to get out. Fortunately the new one fit.

    This unit had a twin we replaced a year or so ago. The unit occupies all the floor except 6" on one side. Had to stand on a/h and dismantle from top down. I cut the BLOWER casing/volute in half to fit out door.

    This is the replacement for the twin. Much more roomy in there now. The new has even more space. Too bad the access is still 16w x 30h", 7' off floor in wall at top of bapistry stairs.

    A break here. there's room to move once you get there. second storey attic over sanctuary. 15 ton york a/h. complete dismantle, carry up 30" wide stairs w/landing, up attic ladder, through hole in "upper" attic. Reassemble on trapeze since too heavy to lift after assembled.

    I'll have to post some after pics, too, since the pictures have beeen light around here lately, even before imagewiz went down.

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    My church has several 5, 7.5, and 10 ton splits with the AH in the attic. Problem is, there is no access for the AH to pass through. The roof will have to be removed. And 8 of them are stacked, in pairs, so if one has to be replaced, it will be cheaper to do both than just one. Then on top of that, there are 5 AH's on each side of the main sanctuary in a common attic. If one has to be replaced, they might as well replace all 5 while the roof is off. The building was completed in Nov. '94.

    Typical work of a lousy architect. We were not a commercially licensed at the time that building was constructed but my boss went by to see how things were going (he goes to the same church), and he told them doing it that way was a mistake. Naturally, no one listened.

    The church is about to triple its space in a new building and, at our behest, all the HVAC will be RTU's.

    BTW, the previous architect was not used on the new building.

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    Those are nice pics. I'll tell ya though, that's the only thing I don't miss about doing service is the crawls and attics.

    Boot, It must be a church thing to do that crap. Our old church was like that. It had 4, 5 ton airhandlers in the attic and the only access was through a 2'X 2' hole in the sanctuary cieling.

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    Nice thread title.........
    Somehow I see this discussion headed to the gutter as's only a matter of time.
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