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Thread: Pool Heaters?

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    Not that I really want to tackle this one, but I put a new heating system in a good friends house (Buderus, indirect tank, radiant...etc.) He now wants to put a pool heater in, I have never done one of these. Anyone here got any info?
    How much is it an hour?

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    You could try one of these heat-exchangers, a couple of circ. pumps and an aquastat.....

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    Super-stor makes a indirect pool heater.

    You may have a problem with the pool chemicals in the flat plate, unless it is rated for a pool.
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    Pool heaters are extremly expensive to operate.

    Require a tremendous amout of BTUH for 10,000-20,000 gal. of water.
    would recommend talking to someone who has a pool heater already.

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    took my pool heater out 2 summers ago. It was a Hayward 150. real piece of ****. and $1000.00

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    Why not? If your rich and famous, you should have a pool heater. Will it be out in the elements or inside? That'll make a difference as the sun and plastic don't mix well. Is there a pad all ready for it? LP gas or natural? Sounds kinda fun actually.

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    It all depend's on your location whether to use gas,Lp,or mechanical. your profile does'nt show location.

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    We live in Maryland and we only get a small portion of sun over our pool. Last year we installed an Air Energy Heat Pump model 550SE-T1. It was able to maintain the temperature at an consistent 84 degrees. I had no problems maintaining the proper chemical balance and my electric bill only increased about $80.00 a month.

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    I run one of those flatplate heat exchangers on my 16,000 gallon pool (16x32) and it works fine. It is specifically designed for marine applications and easily maintains temp no lower than 85F, but the pool is enclosed. It takes ALOT of btu's to keep a pool warm. My 140,000 btu oil boiler will never shut-off (25 gallons per day) if I have the system set for 2F per hour rise. I don't need that kind of rise, so when set for 1 or just to maintain temp, the boiler may burn 4 gallons per day or less. Compared to a separate boiler just for the pool, the flatplate x-changer is much much better option.

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    sizing gas line

    At ~450,000 BTUs, you will probably need to get the gas co. to upgrade the spring in the meter regulator to a 12.2wci or even a 2 psi system. Otherwise, your existing appliances will bottom out when that monster fires up.

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    Heat Pump Pool Heater

    I use a Heat Pump pool heater. I keep water temperature at 86Degrees from April to October. Works great. No problems. Costs about $50.00 per month to heat. Manufacture is E.U.S., made in Johnson City, Tennessee.

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